Helping you find the right trailer,
at the right price!

Buying an RV or trailer should be a fun experience, not difficult or stressful. Trailica has a knowledgeable team that genuinely cares about helping fellow travellers, and you’ll find that it makes a difference.

We have taken the time to source ideal manufacturers so that we can offer you the best trailers, good workmanship, reliable quality, functional design and attractive prices. Our team is well-trained and committed to assist you in finding the right trailer; come experience the Trailica difference!

We understand that you may not know exactly what you’re looking for, but you know what you want to be doing—touring, camping, hauling tools and materials, towing skidoos… At Trailica we’ll listen to you and help you find the perfect RV or trailer.

Trailica offers wholesale prices on all models of RVs and trailers, so you're sure to find the best deal. And to avoid any anxiety or undue sales pressure, the team has posted the price on each unit. No stress, everything is clear from the beginning, and you can truly make the best decision with the help of the Trailica staff!

At Trailica, you will find a full selection of auto-carriers, living quarters, cargo, motorcycle, snowmobile and other sport-utility trailers. Open or enclosed trailers for business or pleasure – carpentry, landscaping, construction, any trade or simply to tow your favourite toy — we have the trailer for you!

We understand that a trailer is not the end result, but a means to the end. It gets your tools and materials to the site, your car to the show; your snowmobile to the trails… a good trailer helps you to get the job done and brings you to the fun! You know your needs and we know trailers — team up with Trailica and we’ll find the best fit for your requirements!

If you would like to get more information on a specific trailer, please fill in our request form.

Whether you want to experience the outdoors, explore new places, pursue your passion for travelling, enjoy low-cost vacations with your family, or retire in style, we’ve got the right RV for you. From truck campers for the week-end sportsman, through tent campers and travel trailers of all sizes, to luxurious fifth wheels — we’ll help you realize your dreams.

With an RV, you can take control of your vacations; you are no longer at the mercy of expensive restaurants, bad accommodations, tiny trunks… And Trailica offers you wholesale pricing from the most reliable manufacturers so you can save money for some extras, like a new fishing rod, camera or mountain bike!

RVs give you the flexibility to escape routine, and there’s nothing routine about Trailica. Let our team help you choose your RV and escape!

If you would like to get more information on a specific RV, please fill in our request form.