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Quality Control

Quality control is important in providing safe, well-built trailers that you can rely on. Trailica’s quality-based selection process starts with the very first step in the life of your trailer. The manufacturers that supply Trailica are chosen with great care, ensuring that they meet or exceed industry norms so you receive the highest quality. When we research potential suppliers we go beyond the function and reliability of their product; we look into their warranty, customer service and ability to look after claims, should they arise.

Although we are careful in our choices, we do not take 100% excellence for granted. In addition to the qualitative criteria of our selection process, we submit every trailer to a battery of tests and inspection to ensure your safety and protection whether on the road, boarding, loading, and simply enjoying your trailer or RV.

Meeting Standards

               Every trailer sold by Trailica fulfills the criteria outlined by the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA) that regulates the manufacture and importation of motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment.

(The full text of the MVSA can be viewed at

In addition, all RVs meet a range of CSA safety specifications covering vehicular components, structural integrity, electrical and liquid propane gas systems stated by the CAN/CSA-Z240 RV SERIES-99 (R2004). The Standard applies to recreational vehicles and gives general safety requirements for couplings, tongue or A-frame, vehicular lighting, glazing materials, and running gear of RVs.

RVs are also required to comply with the applicable provisions of the Transport Canada publication Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (MVSR). This Standard sets the minimum installation requirements and material norms for plumbing systems, factory installation of propane appliances, accessories and equipment, as well as the electrical requirements for RVs that are intended to be connected to a source of electrical supply.
(For more information about the CAN/CSA-Z240 RV SERIES-99 Standard, visit 

Exceeding Norms

             Before you spend one night in your RV, we’ve already spent two! Trailica technicians spend up to 16 hours performing quality control checks for each RV we sell. We ensure that the electrical is properly wired and working, that doors and cupboards are still level after transport, that plumbing and gas hook-ups are leak-proof… we meticulously review every aspect and make whatever adjustments are necessary for the safe enjoyment of your trailer.