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The story behind Trailica begins with René and Hélène Miron. For more than 30 years they were business owners, principally of a convenience store. They imprinted their entrepreneurship mindset on their son Patrick, who inherited a passion for creating and managing companies.

He applied himself academically, earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Guelph with specialization in Marketing, and an Electronic Technician’s Degree college diploma from the National Research Institute in the USA. Patrick honed his management skills as creator and owner of four businesses, primarily in the fields of the Internet, computers and subcontracting, during the early and mid 2000s. It is clear that when Patrick sets his mind to something, he achieves it!

Patrick investigated the RV and cargo industries for almost a year, scrutinizing opportunities and market openings. After his research, he knew that he was dealing with a growing business sector that was under servicing the market. In 2004 he established Trailica Trailer and RV Sales in partnership with his parents, René and Hélène, two experienced entrepreneurs and trustworthy associates.

The fact that Patrick decided to build Trailica from scratch rather than to buy an existing company emphasizes his passion for entrepreneurship and business creation — he likes to start a business from nothing and to take it to the top! And his intention with Trailica is nothing short of revolutionizing the industry. Patrick has strong faith and a vision of how the market should serve: state of the art facilities and equipment, genuine and respectful service to clients, and mutually rewarding and lasting relationship with employees. What drives Patrick is to develop a profitable and enduring company that truly cares about providing exceptional service, knowledgeable care, in a trusting and fun environment for both clients and employees.

Trailica is built upon a sense of community where employees and customers are treated as family. If you are upset to find closed doors on Sundays at Trailica, think about the precious time employees get to spend with their families, sharing this day together. And wouldn’t you rather spend your Sunday with your family than dragging your kids to a show room?

Patrick got involved in the RV and trailer industry because he wants to facilitate fun and dreams! He maintains that  “Seeing happy customers and joyful families is what makes this business so rewarding, I love it!”