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It was my first time buying an RV and I was told to go to Trailica as they had a large selection of truck campers. I purchased a Lance and it was the best buy I could have made!

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Company Profile

Our mission, at Trailica, is to provide our customers with quality trailers and RVs to suit their lifestyle, match their requirements and exceed their expectations. To achieve that while maintaining fair prices is how we vision our success.

At Trailica we believe in the family spirit! Before being technicians and consultants, we are campers, travelers and adventurers. That is why we understand our customers so well. Our day to day goals are to inspire you, to facilitate your recreation, business and commerce, to help you be where you want to be.

The Trailica team believes in one golden rule: CUST-O-MER SA-TIS-FAC-TION. You’ll find that makes a difference, and you’ll enjoy the Trailica Motto!

To accomplish its mission, Trailica pays attention to the Three Ps — People, Products and Performance.

  • PEOPLE: They are our best strength. Our team is the corporate intelligence and identity of the company. At Trailica we believe in relationships; we emphasize courtesy and product knowledge. If we can’t answer all of your questions immediately, we’ll find the right solution for you. We prefer to give the right answer within a short delay rather than be too quick with a wrong answer. At Trailica, you won’t find a salesperson, you’ll find a friend who will listen to you, care for your, and above all, be genuine and honest with you.

  • PRODUCTS: We had time to look at every manufacturer, every brand, and every product. We took the time to do it because they reflect us; so we want them strong, durable, functional, convenient, and trustworthy. To ensure that your trailer will meet your expectations, our technicians spend 8 to 16 hours on each RV to double-checked quality and safety prior to delivery.

  • PERFORMANCE: This is the key that brings everything together. Trailica will perform only if its PEOPLE and PRODUCTS perform. Wondering why we choose Performance and not Perfection? Because perfection is achieved when there is nothing more to add and nothing to take away. We believe we should always strive for improvement, and work hard to increase our performance… because you deserve it.

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