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This summer I wanted to travel across the country and not be tied down to one spot. Trailica’s salesperson was fantastic at finding me the right trailer to make my travelling a real joy. Thank you!

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Parts & Accessories

Check with our service dept. for any parts or accessories for your trailer.


Servicing your RV

When it comes to RVing, to enjoy every minute of the journey, and so everything is easy on your mind, the best is to have a trouble-free trip. To prevent incident on the road, the best tool is prevention and preparedness.

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Maintenance Schedule

This list will help you to enjoy a safe get-away. Before leaving, make sure that all servicing is up to date. Click here to find a maintenance schedule that you can print and put in your RV, to be sure not to miss any important service rendezvous.

Product Recalls

Click here to find out if there are any current Product Recalls.

Pre-departure Check-up

For a safe and enjoyable get-away, make sure that all servicing is up-to-date, and be sure to check:

  1. Tires - check pressure and look for damage (spare too!)
  2. Bearing caps secured
  3. All doors secured (interior and exterior)
  4. Propane tanks closed and secured
  5. Tongue or fifth wheel hitch attachments secured
  6. Stabilizer jacks in the "Up" position
  7. All personal belongings secured
  8. Empty waste water tanks
  9. Fill fresh water tanks if you won't be able to do so at your destination
  10. Before opening/closing slide-outs, check that all cabinet doors are securely closed
  11. Verify that you have packed items to make your trip more enjoyable:
    • Sewage hose
    • Fresh water hose
    • Electrical surge protection
    • Quick dissolve toilet paper
    • Electrical extension cords
    • Small tool kit
    • Flash light
    • Garbage bags
    • Lighter/matches and campfire quick starter
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Maps (province, state, campsite, etc.)
    • Trailica service phone number 613-443-7332
    • Visit for a catalogue of useful camping parts and accessories

Call our Parts Manager with any questions, we're happy to help you get more out of you RVing experience!