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Maintenance 101

Nothing opens the door to recreational opportunities wider than trailers. Be it for hauling a motorcycle, ATV, show car, enjoying the outdoors or traveling in comfort. They provide freedom explore, and the means to enjoy our hobbies.

As a trailer user, you probably don’t give it a second thought when everything goes smoothly, and we don’t want to experience any troubles. To ensure safe and reliable working equipment, and happy outings, the solution is routine maintenance. A little work on a regular basis can eliminate a lot of work and inconvenience, not to mention expense.


Two words: air pressure. Tire maintenance requires maintaining adequate pressure to avoid disaster. The proper air pressure is listed on the sidewall. Make sure they are properly inflated every time you hit the road, and if you are traveling some distance, check them en route, too. Best to check the pressure when the tire is cold to avoid elevated and inaccurate readings.

Tires should also be checked for cracks, bubbles, tread separation—all of which warrant replacement. While checking your tires, take some time to also inspect the wheels and hubs.


Because of the wheel's high spin ratio, wheel bearings need lubrication. Without adequate grease, bearings will wear out, seize and cause the wheel to lock. Signs of impending trouble are splattered grease on the rims (perhaps indicating a bad seal), metal shavings in the grease and, when in use, a smoking wheel.

There are different types of hubs. Some require disassembly and are very messy. Some are more convenient and allow the use of a grease gun or grease reservoir. Even well-greased bearings will eventually need replacement, so arrange for Trailica to inspect them annually..


If your trailer is equipped with brakes, they require maintenance, just like those on your tow vehicle. Most trailers are equipped with hydraulic surge brake systems that use a hydraulic coupler or actuator (when you hit the brakes the trailer "surges" toward the tow vehicle telescoping the actuator to apply force to its master cylinder, which then applies hydraulic pressure to the trailer brakes). You need to regularly check the reservoir of the actuator to maintain effectiveness. 
Don’t forget to rinse brakes and wheels and to check break lines for fray, leaks and loose fasteners.

The interior components of the actuator or coupler need to be serviced periodically by a knowledgeable mechanic to ensure proper operation. You can contact Trailica and one of our expert technicians will arrange an appointment with you.

Electrical System

Wires, connections, bulbs and lenses of the trailer’s electrical system need to be regularly inspected. Additionally it is important to periodically check the system's ground wire to make sure it's securely attached to the trailer frame.


The trailer winch gears should be oiled occasionally. Inspect the lock spring to make sure it works properly and hasn't corroded. Check out the winch strap or cable for fray or kinks and replace it if it looks bad. You should also lubricate the trailer's tongue jack and the swiveling tongue (if the trailer is equipped with one).

Touch Up

Inspect the trailer's suspension for abnormalities and debris and look the entire trailer over for rust spots and chipped paint (if it's not the galvanized type). Painted trailers benefit from waxing just like your tow vehicle.

All of this may sound like a lot of work, but in reality it doesn't take as long as it may appear. And doing it regularly helps ensure that your trailer-experience will be fun. Contact Trailica’s service centre to schedule regular maintenance.