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Trailica customized a heavy duty trailer that allows me to safely transport all of my equipment to the job site. It makes my work much easier and cuts down on travel time.

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Different Kinds of RV’s

The different kinds of RVS

Trailica makes it a point of honour to provide its customers with the largest selection of trailers and RVs, with the aim of fitting as closely as possible the specific needs of each individual.

Reading the below depictions of the four different kinds of towable RVs, you can get a first idea of which one appears to be suitable to your requisites. Once you went through the core descriptions, we will be glad to give you more details and provide you with complete information about the brands and models we carry. We want to assure you the best choice according to your plans budget and vehicle.

1.The Truck Camper unit is loaded on a pickup truck. It is ideal for remote locations, back roads journeys and recreational camping.
Size: from 18' to 21'
Sleeps: up to 6 people


  • An easy and economical options for who owns a pickup truck
  • Handy to travel over rough roads and the truck is free to tow another trailer
  • The camping unit is detachable and can be set on its jacks allowing the pickup to be used separately
  • Extended cabovers, popup roofs and slideouts options maximizes size and efficient use of leaving space
  • Includes all basic amenities from shower to air conditioner, and can be winterized

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2.The Folding Camping Trailer or Tent Trailer: a light-weight unit that folds, facilitating transport and storage.
It combines the experience of outdoor tent camping with extra sleeping comfort and basic conveniences and amenities found in RVs.
Size: from 15' to 23' when opened
Sleeps: up to 8 people


  • A relative inexpensive model as an introduction to the RV world
  • Light-weight unit that can be towed even by small compact cars and that can be manoeuvre by hand
  • Compact size allows for easy storage
  • Large leaving space including kitchen amenities and dining and sleeping facilities

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3.The Travel Trailer is the most popular type of RV. It provides all the comfort of home for week-end trips, vacation or even full-time RVing. The smallest models can be towed by cars while the largest ones require heavy duty vehicle.
Size: from 12' to 35'
Sleeps: up to 8 people


  • Larger models require heavy duty tow vehicle but do not necessitate special highway movement permit
  • Smaller models can be towed by the family car and lightweight versions have recently been introduced to facilitate towing
  • Detachable so it permits complete freedom of use of the towing vehicle
  • All the conveniences of homes and lots of leaving space that can even be expanded with slide-out options that move the wall outward up to 3½ feet

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4.The Fifth Wheel Trailer is designed to be towed by a pickup truck and requires a special hitch in the truck bed. The two-level unit provides all the modern comfort of home and lots of leaving space
Size: from 21' to 40'
Sleeps: up to 8 people


  • Two-level design that raises the master bedroom over the truck bed and offers a rear panoramic view through a large picture window
  • Detachable so it permits complete freedom of use of the towing vehicle
  • Offers all the convenience of home with modern facilities from sleeping to entertainment through cooking. Luxury models present Jacuzzi, home cinema and elegant finishing
  • Up to 4 slide-out options per unit, allowing larger living areas: the most spacious kind of RV
  • The weight of the RV should be carefully matched with the vehicle towing capacity, however recently introduced lightweight fifth wheels allow the use of smaller trucks

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5.The Park Model Trailer is similar to a large conventional travel trailer but is designed to be towed by a special or heavy-duty tow. It is designed for seasonal use, built on a single chassis mounted on wheels, and requires onsite-hookup to local utilities.
Size: from 20' to 35'
Sleeps: up to 8 people


  • Designed for seasonal use, it functions like a cottage but is built as an RV
  • Not made to be towed frequently, it must be connected to the local utilities when parked
  • Extreme comfort and convenience with complete sleeping, dining, cooking and bathroom facilities and a large living space that can be increased with slideout options
  • Winterized versions available for year-round use

If you would like more information about the different kinds of RVs or if you have questions regarding models and options available at Trailica, please contact us.