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I’d like to thank you so much for your time and care. This is our first RV and we were very hesitant, until we found Trailica. Your team was so helpful and explained what we should look for in an RV, proper operation, and much more. We feel like our first vacation was at Trailica!

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Truck Campers

Welcome to the Truck Dynasty!

Trailica is proud to offer you the largest selection of truck campers in the area! In fact, we have four truck camper suppliers, and each has chosen Trailica to be their exclusive Authorized Dealer for Eastern Ontario.


Why a truck camper?

A truck camper is a convenient, compact, mobile home that is attached onto the bed of your pickup truck

It is more economical than other RVs, and much more affordable than a cottage! It is also the most portable and mobile of all RVs; you can even go off-roading with truck camper!

The truck camper is becoming the cottage substitute for a new generation of smart buyers who want value and mobility.


Locations, locations, locations!

Why limit yourself to one place? When you’re on vacation, we believe you should be free to roam to your heart’s content. Choose a new destination every year, but always have your “home on wheels” with you. With a truck camper you can even enjoy the freedom of going places a towed or motorized RV can’t. Back-woods retreat or fishing with your buddies, do it in style and comfort.


Where’s your sense of adventure?

If you crave the freedom to get up and go; if the open road calls to you, if you want to truly experience nature up close – the truck camper lifestyle is the perfect fit for you!

And whether you’re a first-time owner or trading up, looking for new or pre-owned, our team of RV experts will help you find the camper that fits you perfectly.

We are the Truck Camper Experts, and not only because we have the best selection. We truly understand truck campers. Our customers appreciate that we stand for value and service, and that we represent great brands and quality products.


Truck Camper Features & Benefits

  • Park wherever a pick-up can park – easy access to public places (e.g. grocery store and restaurant lots etc.)
  • Easy to use, set up, take down  – you can take your truck for a day trip and leave the camper behind whenever you please – giving you the freedom to come and go
  • No towing – this often means more stability, better balance, and less swaying
  • Simple maintenance – no engine and easy routine care
  • Save on gas – this is one of most cost-efficient RV options for gas
  • Indoor sleeping – you have all the comforts of being indoors including the option of winterized/all-season models
  • Simple to store – it doesn’t take up much room
  • Easy to drive – much easier to maneuver than other RVs
  • Freedom – allows you to travel more places than other RVs: on more rugged terrain and in-town driving is worry-free
  • Sleep up to 4 people – if you’re traveling with family and/or friends, many models can accommodate several people
  • One of the lowest cost RV options available not to mention much lower than buying a cottage with much more freedom to go where you choose


Here are a few reasons our customers love their truck campers:

  • Convenience – has everything including the kitchen sink! Best of both worlds: the comforts of home and the adventure of the open road!
  • Cottage Substitute – lower cost and more freedom than a cottage
  • Freedom to bring it to amazing places that you wouldn’t normally be allowed to live (e.g. many uninhabited or protected lands) or stay (e.g. in a hotel)
  • Never have to worry about the airline losing your luggage – you’ve got everything with you at all times
  • A simpler way of living & traveling – you have just what you need and no more, no less – your mind will be free from worries and stress caused by clutter and you will know where everything is. Your mind will be free to focus on the adventure!