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Camping Apps


1. Flashlight
The phone face lights up you have a flashlight on your phone.

Flashlight for iPhone: Free at iTunes
Free Light for Android: Free at Android Market
Flashlight 2 for 1 FREE for BlackBerry: Free at BlackBerry App World

2. GPS
Phone will turn into a complete GPS.

Location Tracking GPS for iOS 4 for iPhone: Free.
GPS Essentials for Android: Free.
GPS Tool for BlackBerry: Free.

3. Campground locator (US campgrounds)
Use this app to find a campground in the area.

Passport America for iPhone: Free.
Passport America for Android: Free.
BlackBerry: n/a

4. Constellation identifier
If you're wondering which celestial bodies you're looking at, use this app by looking at the sky through your mobile phone. Watch as the objects are identified.

SkyView Free for iPhone: Free.
PlanetariaX Pro – Lite for Android: Free.
BlackBerry: n/a

5. Camp games
Be it on the trip to your destination, once you've arrived, or when you're sitting by the fire, your little ones will want to play a game. Use this app to learn new outdoor games.

iPhone: n/a
Campfire Games for Android: Free (pro edition available, with more games, $0.99).
BEIKS Glossary of 321 Camping Games for BlackBerry: Free.

6. Compass
You can easily find your way with a great compass app. This app works like a real compass and will point you in the right direction.

Compass+ for iPhone: $0.99.
Compass by Catch for Android: Free.
Compass for BlackBerry: $4.99 US.

7. Animal tracker identifier
Use this app to easily identify the animal that left its track.

MyNature Animal Tracks for iPhone: $6.99.
MyNature Animal Tracks for Android: $4.71.
BlackBerry: n/a


8. Camping List

This app will help ensure you pack what you need for a successful camping trip.

Camping list for iPhone: $0.99
Android: n/a
Blackberry: n/a


9. Camping Manual

The app is especially great for newbies to camping. You’ll learn about some fun things to do while camping, dressing for the occasion, how to pick the right tent for you, and how to eat with some style while camping.

Camping Manual for iPhone: $2.99 at itunes


10. Learn to Camp (by Parks Canada)

If you want to camp at one of Canada’s national parks, this app is great. Find tips, advice and all the information you need to plan and enjoy your first camping trip. And if you are already an experienced camper, you'll love the recipes, checklists and insider tips too.

Learn to Camp for iPhone: Free
Learn to Camp for Android: Free
Learn to Camp for BlackBerry: Free