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Trailica customized a heavy duty trailer that allows me to safely transport all of my equipment to the job site. It makes my work much easier and cuts down on travel time.

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Tent Trailers

Ah the joys of camping! Secluded campgrounds, surrounded by nature, sounds of birds singing and children playing… that’s what you love! However, if your tent could also fit a kitchen, a hot shower and all the kids’ stuff, wouldn’t that be nice?! Trailica gives you the answer with a large selection of tent trailers for all preferences and budgets.

Easy-to-use, economical, with space to accommodate up to 8 people depending on the model, they offer the enjoyment of sleeping in a tent, while providing you with the added comfort of cooking appliances and modern facilities. Plus, you can freely use your car or truck during your vacations! A tent camper might be the solution you are looking for.

At Trailica we will help you find the right sleeping capacity and features, because we want you to use your time and money for what really matters: sport gear, spoiling your family or why not try sky-jumping!

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