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Dometic Fridge Recall

Dometic Corporation has determined that some of the refrigerators that it manufactured between April 1997 and September 2006 for installation in recreational vehicles may contain a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety. A program has been put into place that makes part ordering, installation, data entry and payment quick and easy. Here is a rundown of the recall:

The Problem:
Under some circumstances, a fatigue crack can develop in the boiler tube of the identified refrigerators, which can permit the release of pressurized coolant solution. If this solution is exposed to an ignition source under certain specific circumstances, it can result in a vehicle fire.

Affected Units:
Call us with your refrigerator Model # and Serial #, or visit this website:

Schedule Service:
If your fridge is one of the affected units, call Trailica to schedule a service appointment to have it repaired free of charge. (Please note that although we have 3 RV1 Certified Technicians, this is a busy time for servicing/maintaining RVs and our service department is quite busy. We will schedule the repair service as soon as possible, and any other servicing your RV requires should be booked at the same time.)